Shareholder Relations


First Ottawa Bancshares, Inc. Officers

Vincent G. Easi, Executive Vice President/Corporate Secretary

Steven M. Gonzalo, Chief Executive Officer and President

Brian P. Zabel, Chairman of the Board

Consolidated Financial Statements

Shareholder Communication

Policies and Charters

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First Ottawa Bancshares, Inc. Board of Directors

  • Bradley J. Armstrong
  • Joseph Chiariello
  • Lynn M. Dubajic Kellogg
  • Steven M. Gonzalo, President & CEO
  • Donald J. Harris
  • Dan Miller, Chairman – ACB&T
  • Christina M. Cantlin-VanWiggeren
  • William K. Walsh Jr.
  • Brian P. Zabel, Chairman – First Ottawa Bancshares, Inc.
  • Vincent G. Easi, Corporate Secretary
  • Karla Jones, Executive and Board Administrative Assistant

Back Left to Right: Bradley J. Armstrong, Joseph Chiariello, Donald J. Harris, Brian P. Zabel.
Front Left to Right: Lynn M. Dubajic Kellogg, William K. Walsh Jr., Steven M. Gonzalo, Daniel Miller, John L. Cantlin (retired July 2020), Christina M. Cantlin-VanWiggeren (Not Pictured)